Spend time with someone who has done it before

Practitioners, who have built businesses. Not time served mentors, consultants or coaches. Not people who've just "read the book". Extperts are people who have been there, done it, and know about the difficulties of growing a business, first hand.

A small selection of our Extperts

We choose our Extperts very carefully and only a small proportion of those who express an interest are ultimately included.  We look for people who are currently holding (or have recently held) appropriate senior leadership roles in significant organisations.  Senior Directors in successful businesses that have grown and thrived.  Not people who have merely "read the book" or who "talk a good story". 

Extperts in a nutshell

A recent report from Deloitte (The Scale-Up Challenge) confirmed that whilst the UK has a vibrant business startup culture we have a very poor record for those new businesses reaching 10 years old and achieving at least a single year of high growth. In fact only 3% achieve that goal.

A huge factor in being within the successful 3% was access to excellent and appropriate help.

That's a huge amount of lost dreams and unattained potential.

Broad & Deep Skills

Extperts is all about expertise rather than anodyne generalist advice so we value Extperts with proven deep experience.  That's not to say that they don't offer well-rounded perspectives - they do.   We have Extperts with deep experience in these, and several other functional areas, and a wide range of sectors.